Residential Solar Panels

At United Solar, we understand the importance of residential power and electricity coming, from solar energy. It not only helps reduce the carbon footprint being left on the planet but changing over to solar households have been proven to save over $20,000 over the timeframe of twenty years. Find out why when it comes to solar power, no one is better than United Solar.


Some crucial steps need to be made to have solar panels installed in someone’s house.



Before we can even think of installing your panels we will have to conduct a meeting. These usually involve a list of questions, and us reviewing your energy need, and the amount you can save by having panels installed.


A second visit will be conducted to gather information on the house. This will be for our solar design team. Our team will come up with a custom system designed to help shrink your energy bill.


For us to be allowed to install your solar panels, we will need to make sure the paperwork set up by the city and your local utility company is completed and approved. We will do everything we can to make sure the proper paperwork is completed.


After everything else has been taken care of it is time to get the panels installed. Installation should take about 4-8 hours, and after completion, we will give you the rundown of how the system works and how to use them.


Once installed we will need to obtain Permission to Operate, or PTO, from your local utility company and municipality. This is the final permission necessary for you to start living off of clean energy.


Some may ask “Why should I go solar?” or “What are the benefits?”; will United Solar is here to tell you. Solar is a great alternative energy seeing as its energy source is that of the sun, the all-around origin of Earth’s energy. By utilizing the power given off by the sun you are taking advantage of a renewable energy source that will not fluctuate on a whim due to the price changes of the fossil fuel companies. This means for a more stable amount appearing on your monthly bill.

Solar also helps with reducing the amount of fossil fuel emission going into our environment. Though it does not seem like much now, this helps with halting the irreversible damage excessive pollutants are causing to this planet.

Solar will also reduce your bill cost for electricity. On average, you are looking at around $100 a month reduction in your statements.


We are adamant in our goal in getting as many residences utilizing the incredible power of solar energy. To influence this growth United Solar is offering our current clientele a little incentive, $500 worth of motivation that is.

For every new customer that specifies that you were the one who told them about our company and told them to utilize us you will be rewarded with a $500 referral bonus.